Dancing Pictures joined Showtime's Special Features to create a marketing campaign for "The Affair", 2015 season. #GoldenGlobe Winner, #Showtime, #TheAffair

Our new documentary playing at film festival this summer (2016)
We are excited to share Director's C. Fitz six year journey in directing and producing this film.

This SHOWTIME Special Feature was shot in Los Angeles by Dancing Pictures with the cast of “Masters of Sex.” This special highlights the new season and the explosion of the sexual revolution pioneered by Virgina Johnson (#LizzyCaplan) and William Masters (#MichaelSheen). The shoot was also graced by the rest of the amazing cast; #CaitlinFitzGerald, #TeddySears, #BeauBridges and #AllisonJanney. #MastersofSex

C. Fitz directed the US leg of an International half-hour TV Special for the STARZ Network's "Da Vinci's Demons" Season 2. Working with the creator, David S. Goyer, Fitz and her team put together the voice of the spot. This year the half-hour TV Special looks behind the curtain and unveils cast and crew secrets of creating the successful series.  David narrates a beautifully crafted program that dives into the making of the show, its award-winning production design and complexity of re-inventing the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.

We produced this special to launch Showtime's Season 3 of "Ray Donovan".

Fitz directed the original marketing content for Showtime shooting on location in Los Angeles with Ray Donovan’s newest cast member, Katie Holmes.

Branding spot for BALLY's Fall Fashion collection. A re-launch campaign with multiple shoots producing content. Shot on location in Beverly HIlls with "real" people and a massive celebrity list this spot was edited on location and zipped up to the internet during the event. #Instagood

Fox International Channels’s creatives; Ade Sellars, Max Pickwoad and Tom Cropper, worked with C. Fitz and Dancing Pictures in the United States to produce a half-hour special for Starz’s new series, “Da Vinci’s Demons”. The special, “Genius In The Making”, is being aired across the globe in all the Fox International Channel's territories.

Dancing Pictures helped launch and create a brand through video content for Spencer Trask’s new company, Vesselon. The content was rich with graphics and branding visuals, while incorporating many of the extraordinary engineers and executives behind this innovative company that makes life saving devices. Working alongside their website developer, Spiderweb Studio, Dancing Pictures created a multi-video branding campaign that cohesively marketed the new company.